Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group

Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group

Results of Residents’ Survey of Parking and Traffic Problems

After nearly 3 years of research and lobbying, BOSA is disappointed that Cllr. Dudd believes that the results of the recent parking survey do not prove the case for some radical action on traffic and parking in the area, including the possibility of a Resident’s Parking Scheme [RPS].

Considering that the survey was run over the Christmas and New Year period when many students are away, that a General Election was taking place and that the survey was conducted on-line, the return of 39% was impressive. It is certainly more than would be expect at local authority elections, or at Council consultations which appear to average a 10% return, and is above the average return rate of a commercial on-line survey at 30%. Also, the number of people voting for an RPS at 60% is persuasive and matches the results of other research in the area.

BOSA will continue to work with local councillors to find solutions to the increasing problems of traffic and parking in our neighbourhood. But if our Council supports the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ initiative and is serious about its commitment to active travel and clean air, BOSA hopes that Councillor Dudd will be prepared to move beyond an ‘ongoing conversation’! Residents of St. Andrews and Bishopston, and of other parts of the city, have been talking with our Council for over three years and meanwhile the problems of traffic and parking continue to increase.

This decision has generated a great deal of disappointment and frustration among residents who obviously want to know how our Council plans to address these severe and growing problems that threaten our health, our safety and the quality of our live’s.