Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group

Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group


Launch of Residents' Survey by Bristol City Council

After more than 2 years of campaigning and lobbying with the help of our local councillors, BOSA is pleased to announce that our Council has agreed to carry out a detailed survey of residents’ opinions on the issues of traffic and parking.

As many supporters will know, we at BOSA were ready to launch our own survey which we have been working on for some months but, as the Council has now come forward with their proposals, we have decided to shelve our survey for now to avoid a clash or confusion among local residents.

BOSA has been able to study the proposed Council survey and we believe that it is a very relevant, detailed and balanced study. But we have raised our concerns with the Council and with our Councillors about the similar problems experienced in adjoining neighbourhoods but the area that we identified nearly two years ago and which has been widely publicised at our meetings and on our web site has been accepted as the area which the Council are willing to survey initially.

We would encourage any BOSA members or other neighbours who are not in the area of the proposed survey to contact their councillors on this issue to add weight to the concerns we have raised. We are also committed to helping any other groups that form in adjoining areas and are very willing to provide advice based on our experience of campaigning for over two years. Please pass this on and contact us if you wish to meet to share your concerns.

The Council will launch their survey by sending a post card to all properties in our area of interest which you can see on our web site. This card will give details of a link to the survey web site where residents’ opinions can be given on a wide range of relevant issues.
If any resident requires a paper copy they can request one from the Council.

Although we do not yet have a definite date for the launch of the survey we are urging the Council to release it before mid-December or to delay it until mid-January. We understand that the survey will be open for completion for a number of weeks so the results are unlikely until the spring.

BOSA street reps will be door-knocking to encourage people to complete the survey when it is launched and we hope to have the support of local councillors and their supporters. If you want to be a BOSA street rep please contact us via Facebook or through our web site at

Meanwhile, we urge everyone in the area to complete the survey when it is launched and to encourage friends and neighbours to do the same.