Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group

Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group


What You Can Do to Support the Aims of BOSA

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter (via Home page)
  2. Forward this newsletter to neighbours and friends who are concerned about traffic and parking in our community.
  3. Print and use the “Polite Notice from BOSA” Flyer
  4. Volunteer to be a street representative – for more information see below.

Report on Recent Activities by BOSA Members and Updates

BOSA has been very active in 2019 meeting again with our MP Thangham Debbonaire and establishing a relationship with the new BCC Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr. Kye Dudd. Following a meeting in April 2019, BOSA is pleased to report that we have heard from Cllr. Mike Davies that the City Council has now agreed to resource an officer led survey of residents’ views on traffic and parking in our neighbourhood. We hope that this will lead to a review of the options to improve the situation which may include the introduction of a Residents Parking Scheme [RPS] although, if agreed, this would take many months if not years to implement. We have not received confirmation of this in writing but have requested more information from Cllr. Dudd, Cabinet Member for Transport. As we are now finalising our own BOSA survey in print and online form, we have offered our ideas and support to Cllr. Dudd. We believe that the Council’s survey will take place in the autumn. We will keep residents informed about progress on the plan for the survey via our web site, on Facebook and by email.

Polite Flyer to Affix to Poorly Parked Vehicles

A flyer has been finalised that is designed for home printing and affixing (carefully) to vehicles as necessary.  It can be found on the Resources page in the ‘Downloads’ section.
As well as being a useful reminder to drivers about parking courtesy, this flyer also acts as an advertisement for BOSA to the local community, so please print and place these flyers widely!

We Need You! Become a Street Representative

We need to grow membership and support of BOSA in our community, and we need you to raise awareness with your friends and neighbours!  We also anticipate needing the help of street representatives with the implementation of a survey of residents in the autumn of 2019.  The main “tasks” of the street representative would be to:

> Engage with friends and neighbours to promote BOSA and the aims of BOSA
> Harness “moan power” into action – by encouraging interested parties to join BOSA
> To gauge opinion on possible solutions to the current traffic and parking problem
We have street representatives for the following streets:
Maurice Road, Leopold Road, Walsingham Road, North Road [north], Sefton Park Road, Elton Road, Windsor Road, Logan Road, North Road [south], Chesterfield Road, Melita Road, Cromwell Road, Hurlingham Road, Belvoir Road

To volunteer to be a street representative, or to become more involved with the group, please email the group at


Date for Your Diary

21st September 2019: Bishopston Community Fair
Bishopston Library, Gloucester Road, 13.00 – 15.30.